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The website User.Solutions is currently under construction | Soon online for: User Experience research, advising and implementation.

Website by: User.Solutions 2020

We are a flexible organization and search for a challenge. Our focus is to improve the Quality of life and the overall User Experience for (online) products. We dream about tomorrow, find creative solutions and create or advice about fitting opportunities. We don’t forget to have fun ♥ !


We are User.Solutions  

(Yeah… thats right, we don’t use www. .nl .com .org in our URL link, only user.solutions)



Website by: User.Solutions 2020

We introduce ourselves…

Vincent de Koning

IT Business Analyst / UX 

IT Business Analyst at a global company in Health Sciences. Often experimenting and Tweaking gadgets or creating online media. Professionally driven to search, find and create fitting solutions that improve the User Experience. At my best, as a link between Humans and Technology.

“Create a good experience by knowing the users.”, -Vincent de Koning

Julien Zweverink

Juliën Zweverink

Skilled System Engineer / Microsoft 

Skilled System Engineer: Gedreven persoonlijkheid met focus op de toekomst. Werkzaam in de moderne ICT wereld, waarbij communicatie de crusiale factor is. Mede door de groeiende kennis in staat practiesche oplossingen te bieden. Zoekend naar uitdagingen, verbeteringen en kansen binnen de werkomgeving.

“Standing still is not an option, move forward!”, J. Zweverink

Laurens Bosscher

Laurens Bosscher

Open Source Specialist / Linux 

Highly interested in (open-source) technology, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), behavioural economics and quantitative research.

Laurens enjoys working on commercial projects and aims to offer solutions that fit exactly to the customers need and desires. As a professional he enjoys offering his perspective on challenges and think with the customer to offer an optimal solution. He is a strong communicator and capable of translating research results in a format that is well understood by technical audiences.

Ruben de Jong

Ruben de Jong

Human Machine Communication 

Soon we will update Ruben’s information.

But first finish our cup of coffee ☕.. or two.. or three..

Jan Weijland

Jan Weijland

CAD / Design specialist 

Soon we will update Jan’s information.

But first finish our cup of coffee ☕.. or two.. or three..

Rocio Ferreira Villa

Rocio Ferreira Villa


Soon we will update Rocio’s information.

But first finish our cup of coffee ☕.. or two.. or three..

Website by: User.Solutions 2020

Website by: User.Solutions 2020

Our projects

User experience (UX) is how a user feels when interfacing with a product. The product could be a web application, an daily used product or even a building. In User.Soltution contexts, we know the users perspective and give solutions to improve the human-interaction.


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  • Internet controlled relay

    Arduino, ESP8266, Internet of Things

    Layer 1

    Internet controlled relay

    Category: Arduino, ESP8266, Internet of Things

    Client: Vincent de Koning

    This projects will be updated soon…
  • Temperature en Humidity

    Arduino, ESP8266, Internet of Things

    Layer 1

    Temperature en Humidity

    Category: Arduino, ESP8266, Internet of Things

    Client: Vincent de Koning

    This projects will be updated soon…
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  • Bubbletree

    Bubbletree & Luchtbel.c...

    Layer 1

    Bubbletree & Luchtbel.com

    Client: Bubbletree Netherlands

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  • Masquerade Ball for Charity

    Layer 1

    Masquerade Ball for Charity

    Client: Charity Masquerate Ball

    The Tanika Foundation (Stichting Tanika) is organizing a event to raise money. User.Solutions supported the foundation by providing the event website for free.

    At the beautiful location, Castle Maurick in Vught, where nature is soothing and mysterious in the evening. The red carpet will be rolled out and just like in Hollywood people can be photographed on the red carpet. After entering the location there will be wonderful music, the evening is filled with live singers and beautiful dances of different artists! In the evening there will be a lot of dancing with various styles, from waltz and classical to modern and international music. It really is a fairy tale in which nothing is impossible.

    Tickets are limited to keep event magical. Please, visited there website.


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  • Wish Ambulance

    Layer 1

    Wish Ambulance

    Client: Tanika Wish Ambulance

    WishAmbulance.org builds a new website. Currently offline. But soon we welcome you on there website. The Wish Ambulance is soon available for people in the Netherlands.

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  • Gadget Station

    Information Technology, Search Machine Optimization (SEO), Webshop, Website

    Layer 1

    Gadget Station

    Category: Information Technology, Search Machine Optimization (SEO), Webshop, Website

    Client: MotorPromo.nl

    Soon we will update this page with information about Gadget Station, a new modern webshop for (transport) gadgets.

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  • HandiCamper


    Search Machine Optimization (SEO), Website

    Layer 1


    Category: Search Machine Optimization (SEO), Website

    Client: HandiCamper

    HandiCamper is an ambitious project started to support Stichting Tanika (Tanika Foundation). The project is all about mobility and holiday. HandiCamper owns a amazing big motorhome and trailer with the ability to travel with 10 people. The gaol is to give them an amazing holiday experience.

    For many people in the Netherlands (and elsewhere in the world) is it impossible to go on holiday. HandiCamper helps people with a handicap. In other words, people who are limited in there travel possibilities by there bodies.

    The camper contains a special lift to make an easy access for wheelchairs. The goal is to change the camper to make also space for beds. Please visit there website.

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  • Tanika Foundation

    Business Development

    Layer 1

    Tanika Foundation

    Category: Business Development

    Client: Stichting Tanika

    Stichting Tanika (Tanika Foundation),  is a amazing organization that helps improving the Quality Of Life for people with an undefined illness. An undefined illness can also be described as a body problem that is negatively influencing the persons life, but not will not be helped by the ‘standard’ health systems.

    We see the pain and suffering that the ‘broken’ health system causes, and we are happy to be able to help. We help with printed design work and the online communication tools. We love the help thinking along with the challenging projects and problems they face. You can help by donating materials or financial gift.

    Read more information about ‘Tanika de Koning‘, founder of the foundation, on the website.

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  • A-Hoeve: Camping and storage

    Information Technology, Online Advertising

    Layer 1

    A-Hoeve: Camping and storage

    Category: Information Technology, Online Advertising

    Client: A-Hoeve Nature Camping

    The North side of the Netherlands contains something special. You can find green fields as far your eyes can reach, an advanced water system and beautiful Islands. If you want to take a break from work or stressing in a big city, then you need to visit Groningen. The area contains a beautiful nature and is directly connected to the ‘Waddenzee‘ (Wadden Sea). In this beatifull part of the Netherlands you find A-Hoeve. Its a small self-sustainable and nature friendly camping with amazing view on the grass fields. In wintertime, is it possible to stall your caravan or camper in the storage place to keep your holiday vehicle in good condition for the new season.

    User.Solutions will work on an advanced website and collaborate to find possibilities that help people discover this unique place.


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  • Zwarte Markt Slagharen

    Online Advertising

    Layer 1

    Zwarte Markt Slagharen

    Category: Online Advertising

    Client: Zwarte Markt Slagharen

    Zwarte Markt Slagharen (translated: Black Market in the city ‘Slagharen’), is a great place to buy all kind of goods. Clothing, electronics, household appliances and much more. Companies and individuals sell there goods for an amazing low price. The cozy atmosphere makes the Zwarte Markt Slagharen a nice day to spent a couple of hours in the weekend.

    User.Solutions offers online advertisement for the company. New products and special events are promoted by online banners, flyers and other printed matter. Do you like to promote your company? Get in contact for an unbeatable price offer.

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  • In Harmony Nature

    Search Machine Optimization (SEO)

    Layer 1

    In Harmony Nature

    Category: Search Machine Optimization (SEO)

    Client: http://inharmonynature.com

    In harmony Nature, brings back great skills that humanity ones mastered. Its about being closer with nature itself. How to survive without warmth? Shelter in no-mans land and find food / drinks in places without a supermarket. Probably you know that there are many ways to make a fire, but can you do it yourself? Visit InHarmonyNature.com for more information.

    User.Solutions understand the digital progress, and delivers the magic of technology. Our goals are:

    • Improve the find-ability on most used search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo)
    • Help to improving the content on the website
    • Creating possibilities to expend the business and support the goals


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  • User.Solutions

    Information Technology

    Layer 1


    Category: Information Technology

    Client: http://User.Solutions

    User.Solutions is a flexible organization focused om solutions. The main focus is to improve the Quality of life and the overall User Experience for products. A product can be described as a fiscal object, a online service or a (created) environment. The organization is working in phases to reach there goals. Because of the agile work-style, they can fit in a changing world whereby needs, goals and opportunities can rapidly change.

    First goals and accomplishments:

    • Expending the team of experts
    • Create a (online / offline) portal for customers and opportunities
    • Work on amazing projects!


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Website by: User.Solutions 2020

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